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The brief for this project was to create within the subject of home and community. The project research found that 1 in 4 people suffer from anxiety on public transport, making this statistic our starting point.

This project allowed us to be involved in Mind's new Home and Communities campaign. We decided to tackle the issue of anxiety on public transport. We did this by using natural phenomena such as EDMR therapy, Drunk-Tank Pink and ASMR therapy, all of which have calming effects.


To the left is an ASMR video of the London Underground. We collaborated with Toni Bomboni (a renowned YouTube ASMR video creator) to make the video. He recorded the audio whilst we recorded the video.

ASMR (Audio Sensory Meridian Response) is a euphoric static-like sensation triggered by intense audio and/or visual recordings of mundane and monotonous happenings that precipitate relaxation. Whispering and tapping sounds create are used to create the desired effect and binaural recordings are often used to enhance the effects This specific ASMR audio uses the environment of the London Underground, focusing on the Bakerloo line. All sounds and scripts have been formed directly from interactions and collected research to encourage an ASMR sensation, to calm those whom find the London Underground an anxiety inducing space. Using Drunk-Tank Pink, we created a video filter to enhance the calming effects.


The audio should be listened to whilst travelling on the tube using headphones for the best effect. Whilst not everyone claims the benefits of ASMR, there are over 2 million YouTube videos that support its effects. 


Repetitive use of this ASMR audio, submerged within the environment, will make your journeys a space of relaxation by association.

Collaboration with Bethany Rigby/Imogen Piper/Hayley Bruford/Aracha Rojanasingsawad commissioned by Mind Charity’s Home & Communities Campaign.



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