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This project explored escape through transitional and non-spaces. Beginning with a range of phobias, then focussing on Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia. We used conversations taken from other lifts to create a series of 'lift poems' that were then put back into different lifts using audio and visual mediums.


This video shows the recordings of the lift poetry being played into the space. The lift poems are situated on the walls of the lift. The poems last the amount of time that it takes the lift to go up one floor and until the doors begin to close.

The aim was to use the audio as a way of escaping the common characteristics of a lift.

In collaboration with Archie Harding/Isobel Jones/Agnes Alisauskaite/Georgia Syro/Imogen Piper

2016 by Harriet Langford

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Harriet Langford